Ideas for founding

Mr. Wu Bao-tian, Chairman of Lihpao Group, taking an attitude of caring about the quality of life and home health of the public generations, following the founding of Lihpao Construction Group、Fullon Hotel and Lihpao Paradise, stepping into the biomedical industry and establishing Lihpao Life Science business group. Among them, Leopard Gene subsidiary, which focuses on genetic research and diagnosis testing, is based on the establishment of a tumor mutation gene library and molecular diagnosis as a basis to develop reagents for molecular diagnosis, and guide the development, screening and efficacy confirmation of new drugs for cancer target therapy. And with advanced molecular diagnostic technology, finding appropriate and correct targeted therapy for cancer patients to effectively treat cancer and reduce the side effects of chemotherapy.

The Lihpao Life Science Business Group knows that all medical behaviors come from diagnosis, recognizes that treatment is not as good as prevention, and starts with personalized medicine, predictable and preventive medical services as the development direction. The strategy combines stem cell medical applications, health food and new drug development experience, as well as prevention, physiological function adjustment and anti-aging treatments provided by Leading Star Clinic、Awesome Clinic to develop personalized medical integration services and achieve the mission of enabling more people to own LOHAS and long life.


Core Spirit

The highest standards is the discipline.
The flawless quality is the dignity.
The impressive service is the goal.

Since its establishment, LIHPAO LIFE SCIENCE CORP has implemented every aspect of detection technology and product development with the most rigorous attitude. The laboratory has passed various high-standard local or international accreditations, which is not our only standard for quality, but also carrying out genetic testing for various diseases with a single specimen to achieve the most appropriate and comprehensive service. It is the most flawless respect and cherishment of life for general populations who trusts LIHPAO LIFE SCIENCE CORP.


On December 1st, 2014, General Manager Wu Hong-tai, advocating to the concept of “Bringing Hope to Human Health”, merged Hua Xing Technology Co., Ltd. and Lihpao life science Co., Ltd. that are developing cell therapy under the Lihpao business group. Open a new chapter in the medical industry with an innovative, practical and caring perspective. LIHPAO LIFE SCIENCE CORP. was established in Tamshi county.

LIHPAO LIFE SCIENCE CORP. business group takes Leopard Gene which is responsible for molecular diagnosis, Leopard Cell which is responsible for cell therapy, and Leopard Medi which is responsible for new drug development as the company’s three business pillars.

Molecular diagnosis business department of Leopard Gene has long been worked within clinical medical institutions and has experiences of laboratory development. In early years, it has established a cancer genetic medicine laboratory in Taipei Veterans General Hospital, and obtained certifications of the CAP of U.S.A and Taiwan Society of Pathology, developed reagent and services for clinical application testing and led the world discovering original tumor resistance mutant gene, and successfully introduced genetic testing to medical order services in 2013. In 2017, it officially stepped out of Taiwan, established a third-party laboratory in Xiamen, China and obtained relevant qualifications, and in accordance with the local NGS testing regulations, it become a local first- and second-class outsourcing unit of hospital testing. Furthermore, in 2019, the Lihpao medical laboratory was established and applied for the ISO15189 laboratory accreditation, and established Yeezen Lihpao laboratory within the Yeezen Hospital in Taiwan. With the development of the genetic testing industry, the LDTS regulations was established, it applied for LDTS accreditation.

Leopard Cell and Leopard Medi based on tumor detection technology, it guides and verifies the selection and research and development of target therapy, proactively develops high-end stem cell storage and immune cell therapy technologies, and develops complete functional healthy product and functional medicine, towards personalized preventive medicine and cell therapy as a blueprint for planning, exert comprehensive effects, benefit the country, and create value chain style medical services.